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Environmentally friendly digital printers

Weekly electricity produced from solar power (kWh)

Our Story

Darren Haine bought a Xerox Color 550 printer, an Epson 7880 inkjet and an IDEAL 4705 Guillotine with money he received from a redundancy payout. Having over 30 years pre-press experience, Darren wanted to start out on his own and offer businesses in Frome and surrounding areas a one-house solution for their design, print and reprographic work. He uses a Kodak iQsmart 3 scanner to deliver the high quality scanned images which are used in books, magazines and art reproductions.

Darren then asked his friend Matthew Clipson if he wanted to join him in his new venture. Matthew had already been in working for himself as a graphic and web designer for two years, and jumped at the opportunity. During his time in business he had struggled to find good quality, locally based, reasonably priced print solutions and was convinced there was a gap in the market for what Darren was offering.

All that’s missing now is you! Please contact us with any requests you have for design and print products. We can provide quotes digitally or meet up to discuss your requirements.


Environmentally friendly digital printers

What makes us truly unique is the solar power we use to run our printer. Using energy from the sun greatly reduces the environmental impact of any print job we produce. It’s not just the printer that runs on solar energy, it’s everything in the office – even the kettle that boils water for our tea and coffee!

Take a look at the bar above to see how much energy our panels have created in the last week alone.

Darren Haine

Darren Haine

Print and Reprographics

Powered by: Red Bush tea and a 4kwp solar panel array

Most worrying environmental fact: At least 50 million acres of rainforest are lost every year, totalling an area the size of England, Wales and Scotland combined. Over 50% of the worlds plants and animals live in rainforests.

If I could change one thing to make the world a better place: Reinstate circadian rhythm

Matthew Clipson

Matthew Clipson


Powered by: Green tea and fruit.

Most worrying environmental fact: In the U.K. people only wear their jeans for 2.5 wears before washing them.

If I could change one thing to make the world a better place: I would replace roads with pavements and cycle paths.